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Benefits of Touch screen sign-in and appropriate technology for different organizations.

All organization despite major technological advancement strive to keep employee time and attendance using outdated software or sometimes still use a manual form of a log entry. This could put the organization at risk for damaging data entry, errors, employee overpayment and waste of time. There was a survey conducted by forensic accounting firm reporting that around 30% employees falsified time records and another 65% employees punched in and out earlier or later than scheduled. These two factors are rampant in any organization and its anybody’s guess what happens in public PSU’s and government organizations.

Automated time tracking touch screen in hospitals, educational institutions and businesses

The latest systems can drastically improve the organization’s operations and efficiency. Automated time tracking features real-time access to data, allowing the employees flexible punch methods, employees can punch via smart phones or devices. This offers advanced method instead of outdated time tracking processes.

Wi-Fi enabled time clocks for organizations up to 500 employees

This system is highly efficient and accurate as it is enabled with image capture along with biometric technology for sign in. Up to 500 employees can be supported with this Wi-Fi enabled time clock for time and attendance record keeping.

Advanced scheduling modules appropriate for factories, back-end operations

This time monitoring touch screen system is more useful where organization seeks to schedule employees in pre-set capacity requirements. It offers businesses to leverage use of time with enhanced visibility and flexibility, employees can clearly notify supervisors of their availability and change in schedule in real time. Cloud-based software generates schedule that can be monitored on weekly basis.

Tablet kiosk app preferred for employees in the marketing field

Apple devices can install –tablet kiosk app .Much preferred in small businesses and people on the move can easily sign in using easier interface and simple functionality

Biometric Kiosk touch screen sign in is preferred in research labs, high security installed places.

This type of system is used to track work schedules, request time off and review time cards. Based on android touch screen tablets this kind of system avoid traditional biometric shortcoming of buddy punching and incidents of time theft. It coupled with other form of authentication like fingerprint can help to avoid misconduct related to attendance and time.

Touch screen sign in is increasing day by day and we see people are more in contact with its different form it comes in front of them. The ability of close monitoring, record keeping, payroll processing, information sharing have become inevitable requirement and certainly something to worth considering. In many ways integrating a touch screen sign in systems justifies the visible impact and measurable results depending on the organizations goals and objectives.

Digital touch screen for example installed in a facility can provide easy track of employees and with robust software capable of tracking all visitors and contractors who need access to the facilities. It adds layer of security by keeping track of people entering and exiting the building. The system has an inbuilt log that can be pulled out in printed form for any future reference.